The benefits of installing
Solar Shields

Stay cool in summer | Warm in winter | Keep heat out, let the light in | Reduce glare by up to 80 per cent | Exclude 98 per cent of harmful UV rays | Use conservatory all year | 10 year materials guarantee

→ Solar inserts for polycarbonate roofs
→ Solar film for glass roofs

Conservatory too hot in summer? Too cold in winter?

Most people find their conservatories comfortable during spring and autumn and on bright sunny days during the winter. For the rest of the year virtually all conservatories suffer heating problems. In the summer the conservatory is too hot and in the winter it's too cold.

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Eliminate conservatory overheating

The energy of the summer sun beats down on the roof causing internal temperatures to rise to over 100°F, making your conservatory uninhabitable and roasting your plants. And in winter temperatures can fall to near freezing! Fortunately we can provide a complete and permanent cure to both extremes for both polycarbonate and glass conservatories.

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Watch our videos

Product demonstration

Our Sales Manager, Nick Thornton, demonstrates our products.

+ Solar inserts for polycarbonate roofs
+ Solar film for glass roofs

Polycarbonate roof installation

Watch an installation of solar inserts and hear what our customers have to say about the results and our service.

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Glass roof installation

Watch the installation of our solar film on a glass roof and find out what our customers think.

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