Mr Cecil - Honiton

It means we can sit in full sunshine, in the heat of the summer with little discomfort. It's absolutely super, especially when you consider that going away, shutting it up for half a day or whatever you come back then when the sun's been on it, you walk in and you can actually sit in it and you can sit in comfort and do what you want. Yes, we are exceedingly pleased.

Solar film for glass roofs

Mr Stubbs - Bridport

In the summer....

"...sat in the conservatory today, we see full sun, no glare and it's a nice temperature, it's cool, at least 10 degrees (Fahrenheit) lower. Really good, really really pleased."

In the winter....

" appreciable difference...
...with your shields it works really well...
...absolutely right for living in."

Solar inserts for polycarbonate roofs

Mr Russell - Wimbourne

I think they've been 100 per cent successful. Before we had them inserted we would lock the conservatory up, go out do a bit of shopping for a couple of hours, when we come back in it was up over 120 degrees (Fahrenheit). After solar inserts we would come back in the same circumstances, you look at the thermometer and think, "oh that's not bad it's 80 degrees (Fahrenheit)." Both my wife and myself have been absolutely delighted with it.

Solar inserts for polycarbonate roofs

Mr & Mrs Newberry - Taunton

It makes the room usable in the summer - and that's the main thing that we wanted.

Solar film for glass roofs