Solar inserts for polycarbonate roofs

Keep your conservatory cooler with solar inserts

Solar inserts are highly-reflective (but transparent), metallized strips of film inserted into the existing polycarbonate, conservatory roof. This internal barrier permanently minimises the amount of solar energy penetrating the conservatory and keeps it cooler.

Solar inserts prevent over 80 per cent of the sun's energy from entering the conservatory, resulting in a decrease of 30°F or more in summer temperatures and the virtual elimination of glare. They have the added benefit of rejecting 98 per cent of the sun's UV rays, protecting fabrics and furnishings from fading.

Prevent heat loss in the winter

The solar inserts also perform in winter, preventing up to 50 per cent of heat loss through the roof and all this is achieved without a significant loss in light.

Stopping the rays of the sun from ever actually entering the conservatory is the crucial element in effective summer temperature control. It is in this aspect that solar inserts succeed where internal roof blinds are bound to fail.

Where to use solar inserts

Solar inserts can be fitted to all types of polycarbonate, acrylic and PVC roofing systems with minimum disturbance to the conservatory.

Solar inserts require no maintenance or cleaning and will last as long as your conservatory roof.

If your conservatory roof is glass we can provide an alternative solution.

Why traditional blinds fail

Internal blinds can only deflect solar radiation once it has already entered your conservatory and has already started to heat the air inside the conservatory. Internal blinds effectively create a radiator in your roof by trapping a layer of hot air between the polycarbonate roof and the blind.