Conservatory valet service

Restore that "as-new" look to your conservatory

Sooner or later your conservatory is going to lose its sparkling new look. Wind-borne grime, dust laden rain and fungal growth will all conspire to stain your brilliant white surrounds an unsightly mottled green/brown colour. The roof, whether it is polycarbonate or glass, will soon acquire a living fur of green, slimy algae.

We can restore that "as-new" look to your conservatory. Please contact us for further information or a quotation.

Our conservatory valet service has all the answers.

  • The right equipment
  • The right cleaning agents
  • The right cleaning tools
  • The right experience

Keep glass clean

A perennial problem with glass is maintaining its cleanliness. Econergy Systems can apply a special treatment to the external surface of glass panes which creates a practically invisible, non-stick coating to which neither water nor solid matter can cling. They simply slip away. This treatment has a wide variety of applications.